Frontlines of Freedom: Stand up to union activists abandoning Detroit’s kids

Check out this week's important updates focused on economic and personal freedom in Michigan:

  1. Stand up to union activists abandoning Detroit’s kids
  2. Don’t Blame Lack of Money for Deplorable Conditions in Detroit Schools
  3. Rep. Glenn’s Prostate Cancer Announcement May Inspire Others to Get Checked by Doctors
  4. Colbeck: Next Battle will be over Electricity



Stand up to union activists abandoning Detroit’s kids

Callous. Premeditated. Disgraceful. Unacceptable.

There are a lot of words that could describe the recent and escalating series of teacher strikes in the city of Detroit, but one word might sum them up best.

Stand_up_to_Detroit_teacher_sickouts.pngCriminal. And if the adults in Detroit aren’t willing to stand up for kids, the adults in Lansing should.

Last spring, professional union activists and agitators from the Detroit Federation of Teachers launched a series of premeditated, organized work stoppages in the Detroit Public Schools designed to intentionally hurt kids as part of some quixotic quest to “teach Lansing a lesson.”

Teacher strikes are illegal in Michigan, with penalties for lawbreakers including fines and possible termination. That hasn’t stopped the local teachers union from running over kids’ futures.

Detroit bureaucrats won’t act, so Lansing must. A handful of common sense reforms could make all the difference for tens of thousands of kids who are being used, neglected, and mistreated by an activist union and a broken education system — and make sure that what’s happening in Detroit today doesn’t happen anywhere else tomorrow.

You can read more and check out our suggestions for lawmakers HERE.

And in other news…

DPS_Funding.jpgDon’t Blame Lack of Money for Deplorable Conditions in Detroit Schools

Some teachers have said that DPS students deserve a level playing field, implying the state does not give as much money to Detroit as other school districts. This plays on a widespread perception that schools in poor communities get less money. This was a valid complaint before a 1994 school finance overhaul largely equalized funding across districts (Proposal A), but it cannot be sustained today.

In particular, the underfunding claim is not true in Detroit, whether it concerns funding for operations or for new buildings and major repairs (infrastructure).

Read more…

Gary_Glenn.jpgRep. Glenn’s Prostate Cancer Announcement May Inspire Others to Get Checked by Doctors

In his first term as a state representative, Midland’s Gary Glenn has made quite an impact.

Last month, Glenn, a Republican, was named the Michigan Legislature’s “freshman of the year” for 2015 by Michigan Information and Research Service. The Michigan Capitol News Service cited Glenn’s position as vice chairman of the House Energy Policy Committee and work he has done on pending energy legislation as well as bills the representative has introduced on tax policy and civil asset forfeiture.

Read more…


Colbeck.jpgColbeck: Next Battle will be over Electricity

In 2016, Michigan will be center stage for yet another battle between those who advocate for more government control and those who advocate on behalf of freedom. The subject of this latest battle? Electricity.

There are “powerful” advocates (pun intended) in Lansing pushing for increased state regulation in response to increased regulation by the federal government. I believe it is in the best interests of Michigan citizens to promote a free market competition.

Read more…

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