The next few months couldn’t be more important for our state’s future.

Families continue to battle a global pandemic. Workers are fighting to return to their jobs and job sites. Efforts in Lansing and local communities are underway to fight back against Governor Whitmer’s anti-science lockdown orders and restrictions.

He finally testified.

Robert Gordon, the “resigned” former director of the state’s health department testified in Lansing this week about the secret hush money scandal that’s swept over Lansing these last many weeks.

History is taught so it won’t be repeated. As the musical Hamilton so eloquently intoned, “Oceans rise, empires fall.” What can we learn from the historical fall of the Roman Empire, and how does it apply to circumstances facing America – and Michigan – today?

Rome didn’t fall in a day, and there were many factors that contributed to its eventual decline. notes invasion by barbarians, economic troubles, and government corruption as just a few of the factors.

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