Governor Gretchen Whitmer has some explaining to do. And a decision to make.

This week, the Detroit Office of the Inspector General issued a scathing report that blistered the state’s top medical executive for abusing her power while director of the Detroit Health Department.

Last December, we told you about Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s attempt to institute a brazen new shakedown scheme, essentially threatening to close small business across the state unless they write checks to Whitmer’s campaign donors.

Under the scheme, known as a “Labor Peace Agreement,” the Governor’s Marijuana Regulatory Agency, located within the Michigan Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA) department would refuse to license a business or allow it to hire workers unless those workers join a union or pay off the local union to keep the “peace.”

With great fanfare and media adulation, Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s budget director (she was too busy trying to raise her national profile by making the rounds on cable news to be bothered with actually governing Michigan) yesterday unveiled her budget for the upcoming fiscal year, boasting it was the largest budget in the history of the state, with the biggest departmental budgets housed within it.

She wasn’t wrong about that. Whitmer’s $61.9 billion budget is loaded. With pork and nonsense.

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