Things have changed. In 2018 voters went to the polls and approved a constitutional amendment that puts legislative redistricting in the hands of 13 unelected citizens chosen at random from a pool of partisan and allegedly nonpartisan activist applicants.

The goal, left-wing activists told us, was to end gerrymandering. They wanted to take bizarrely shaped legislative districts and make them a thing of the past. Let voters pick their politicians, they said, not the other way around.

Governor Gretchen Whitmer shut down schools and the economy. Multiple times. The only thing more devastating than her previous orders is her hypocritical vetoes hurting students and small businesses while they continue to struggle.

This column originally appeared in The Detroit News.

It started with a promise. Left-wing activists told voters that if they approved a new “independent” citizens redistricting commission, they’d draw legislative maps that let voters choose their politicians instead of letting politicians choose their voters.

Now the very credibility of Michigan’s independent citizens redistricting commission is on the line. Partisan activists have put commissioners in a bind, but it is nowhere near as ugly a quagmire as the one into which they’re asking commissioners to push Michigan.

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