It’s been said that history doesn’t repeat itself, but it does rhyme. Here in Michigan, the debate over road funding is going back to a familiar, off-key chorus.
In October, Bill Schuette accused Gretchen Whitmer of supporting a 20-cent gas tax hike to “fix the damn roads.” She called that claim “ridiculous,” “nonsense,” and swore that he was making it up. She won the election and went on to reveal her big, bold plan to fix the roads… which was nothing more than a 45-cent gas tax hike!

Governor Whitmer remains insistent that she cannot “fix the damn roads” without raising taxes on Michigan citizens, or as she likes to call it, “new revenue.”

Unfortunately, it seems some in the legislature are starting to agree. While they balked at her proposed 45-cent gas tax hike, they’re entertaining the notion of a smaller, 20-cent gas tax hike.

Those who were hoping for a big summer as Governor Gretchen Whitmer looked to drive the state forward could be forgiven for feeling… stuck in neutral.

Instead of fixing the damn roads, Whitmer has demanded the legislature do her work for you.

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