After vetoing $375 million in new road funding late last year, Governor Gretchen Whitmer next week is expected to roll out her new “plan” to fix Michigan’s crumbling roads.
She’s finally acknowledged that her absurd 45 cents per gallon gas tax hike won’t fly. (Her top Democratic allies in the legislature calling it “extreme” and refusing to even sponsor her bill might have had something to do with that.) So what’s next?

Today marks the tenth anniversary of the landmark Citizens United v FEC decision, and in that decade, it has become no less controversial.

At the time, pundits on MSNBC called it the “murder of what little democracy is left in this democracy.” President Obama claimed it would allow special interests to buy politicians outright. Democrats today continue to decry the decision, while fundraising off of the issue and campaigning on overturning the decision.

Jocelyn Benson literally wrote the book about being a Secretary of State. In that book, she claims that one of the most important – most critical – roles for an election official is to maintain clean voter files, including the removal of voters who are dead, no longer living in the state, or otherwise ineligible.

That’s why it’s so hard to understand how Benson’s found herself connected to a swirling scandal and federal lawsuit into the banana-republic-level handling of Detroit’s voter rolls.

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