We found Gretchen Whitmer’s playbook, and we want you to have a copy.

The Hypocrite Governor’s “Rules for Thee, but Not for Me” Playbook gives you a blow-by-blow explainer detailing Whitmer’s unscientific, job-killing performance as Governor, and her constant refusal to follow her own rules.

It’s been a big week! I wanted to share the 5 things you need to know on the Frontlines for this weekend. If there is a story you want us to highlight or an issue we should dig into, reply to this email, and let us know!

  1. Dana Nessel is Fighting to Increase Your Heating Bill
  2. A Complaint has been Filed Against Whitmer’s $100,000 Club
  3. “Independent” Redistricting Commission is Taking the Constitutional Deadline as Seriously as their “Independence”
  4. It’s Time for the Democrat State Rep who Tried to Bust Out of Jail to Resign
  5. News You Might Have Missed: Grand Rapids weighs declaring racism a public health crisis

This column originally appeared in The Detroit News.

Moms and dads will be firing up their furnaces this month, as summer fades and fall descends: changing leaves, crisp mornings and football weekends. We know the routine, and we love every bit of it. Except maybe those higher home heating bills.

When it comes to keeping the house warm, costs could skyrocket because Attorney General Dana Nessel has filed multiple lawsuits that could raise your bill.

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