A $231 Million Mistake

What could Michigan do with an extra $231 million? Nearly a quarter of a million dollars would fill a LOT of potholes. At $42,887 per mile, you could pave over 5,386 miles of new road. At an average cost of $10,209 per child, you could educate 22,627 kids. But instead, the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services is going to flush it down the drain.

In March, it was reported that the MDHHS software used to monitor and track child welfare cases in the state was functioning poorly. As of last week, they’ve decided to simply scrap the $231 million system and start over from scratch.

It was your money. Now it’s gone. And they’re coming back for more.

MDHHS estimates it will take ANOTHER five years to design and implement a NEW system, but they have no estimates on how much it will cost taxpayers. Where is the accountability? No one disagrees that the old system was flawed, but taxpayers shouldn’t be treated as a blank check to fund an unaccountable bureaucracy.

No private sector business or organization could function this way, and neither should our government. That was your money the state flushed away. These are our kids that MDHHS is failing. When Big Government makes Big Mistakes, it always carries a Big Price Tag for Taxpayers.

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