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We’re working hard to hold Governor Whitmer accountable for her broken promises, and it’s getting lots of attention.

Our billboard featuring the governor’s road funding veto was covered by WLNS, Fox2 and WXYZ, with stories airing ELEVEN TIMES on local TV over the weekend. In addition to television audiences, hundreds of thousands of motorists have seen the billboards, and many more have seen news articles online at the Detroit News, Fox47, WDIV and others, and through our social media channels.


By every measure, our awareness campaign has done what it set out to do: Bring attention to Gov. Whitmer’s hypocritical veto and hold the governor accountable for her broken campaign promise to fix the roads.
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Tony Daunt
Tony Daunt
Executive Director
Michigan Freedom Fund
Fox47: Conservative group launches billboards aimed at Whitmer budget veto
A Conservative group has launched a billboard targeting Gov. Gretchen Whitmer and her "fix the damn roads" campaign promise.
The billboard was paid for by the Michigan Freedom Fund, and focuses on Whitmer vetoing $375 million in transportation funding for the state.
“Michigan motorists elected Governor Whitmer to fix the damn roads, not slash the damn funding and veto hundreds of millions for critical repairs,” said Freedom Fund Executive Director Tony Daunt. “The Governor is clearly more interested in raising Michigan’s gas tax by 45 cents-per-gallon than she is fixing our crumbling infrastructure. Voters – and even the state’s top legislative Democrats – disagree.”
The billboard ads, which are scheduled to run for a week, are a good way "to remind people of the governor’s words and her actions," said Tony Daunt, executive director of the Michigan Freedom Fund.
Asked about Whitmer's veto being a strategy to secure additional, long-term road funding, Daunt responded, "That strategy has shown to be an absolute failure. If she’s holding out for a tax increase ... it’s going to continue to be a failure."

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