Deck the Halls with Secret Memos

Fa-la-la-la-la! The so-called Independent redistricting commission has doubled down on secret memos and secret meetings and business tax credits are still on the table in Lansing while everyday Michiganders are navigating historic inflation.
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A Governor in Crisis

In 2020, Whitmer was "Ridin' with Biden." This week, she was "Hidin' from Biden." But after the Auditor General's report, the President might just be hidin' from Whitmer!
The Auditor General blasted the Whitmer admin over $3.9 billion in fraudulent unemployment payments. Governor Whitmer continues to ignore the Benton Harbor lead water crisis, while trying to launder her $4 million in illegal campaign contributions to the Michigan Democrats.

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Opinion: Gov. Gretchen Whitmer fails to lead as Benton Harbor's water crisis continues

This column originally appeared in The Detroit News.

On October 2, 2019, Lt. Governor Garlin Gilchrist stood in a room with Benton Harbor community leaders, where they told him — to his face — about dangerous lead levels in the drinking water, according to Michigan Rising Action.

Leaders asked Gilchrist to do something about the problem, and they asked the governor to provide bottled water until local and state officials could get the lead out of the tap.

Nobody seemed to have helped, heard or listened.

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The Left is laughing at you

They’re laughing at you.

In Washington, D.C., they think rising gas prices are funny.

Back here at home they’re getting wasted in public and making jokes about it.

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Burning Government Documents? Perfectly fine!

Officials in Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s administration admitted to deleting emails and burning government records related to citations issued to the city of Port Huron for violating Whitmer’s unconstitutional COVID edicts. 

Now, Whitmer’s enforcement agency, MIOSHA, says that burning documents is not only okay - it’s standard procedure!

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Burning Down the House

After Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s heavy-handed COVID restrictions that lead to fines and penalties, she apparently tried a little lighter. Literally. An official in Whitmer’s administration admitted to burning documents relating to enforcement of her coronavirus restrictions.

We’re on the Frontlines, holding Whitmer accountable, and she’s not happy about it. Thanks for standing with us in this fight for Freedom. Here is what you need to know for this week:
  1. Whitmer’s Transparency Pledge Goes Up in Smoke
  2. Gas Prices Are A Laughing Matter To Former Gov. Granholm
  3. Redistricting Commission “Reinterprets” the Constitution
  4. Whitmer Attacks Freedom Fund
  5. Headlines You’ll Want To See
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Under Attack

Governor Whitmer’s complete control and reckless policies destroyed the economy. Instead of prioritizing getting people back to work and giving our students the education they deserve, Whitmer is focused on the only thing that really matters to her: Politics.

In a fundraising email today, Whitmer criticized us, the Michigan Freedom Fund, for launching “sustained attacks” on her.

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Whitmer partied where?

Are you ready for the big game tomorrow? Thankfully, Whitmer isn’t officiating, because there would be a “face mask” called on every play.

Whitmer mandate jokes aside, we have some important topics we’re covering in today’s Frontlines of Freedom update.

  • Whitmer Parties in DC While Ignoring Benton Harbor Crisis
  • Redistricting Commission Keeps Citizens In the Dark
  • Scholarships Pass in Legislature to Let Michigan Kids Learn
  • Short-Term Rentals Bill a Long-Term Win for Property Rights
  • News You Don’t Want To Miss
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Video: Demanding Answers


Protecting taxpayers, fighting for our kids, and defending the rule of law

Wasteful corporate welfare is back. The lead water crisis in Benton Harbor continues to deteriorate. Lawmakers took action to let kids learn in the aftermath of Whitmer’s school shutdowns. Republican legislators signed a letter opposing the national popular vote. And the maps coming out of the Redistricting Commission may violate Federal law. Thanks for joining us on the Frontlines of Freedom!

  • Lawmakers Want to Waste Your Money on Corporate Welfare
  • Governor Whitmer Let Majority Black City Drink Lead Water For Years
  • Legislature Votes to Let Kids Learn
  • Legislators Sign Letter Opposing National Popular Vote
  • Redistricting Commission Maps May Violate Federal Law
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