Deck the Halls with Secret Memos

Fa-la-la-la-la! The so-called Independent redistricting commission has doubled down on secret memos and secret meetings and business tax credits are still on the table in Lansing while everyday Michiganders are navigating historic inflation.
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The partisan redistricting commission has made headlines for months over secret meetings, secret memos, and secret plans to violate the Voting Rights Act by disenfranchising minority communities with the map drawing process.

Now they’re at it again.

Despite an opinion from the Democratic Attorney General, pressure from Republicans and Democrats in the legislature, and an outcry from citizens in Detroit and across the state, the commission just declared it would not release its secret memos or details of secret meetings it held in violation of the state’s constitution.

Now, Michigan newspapers are collaborating to take the commission to court.

For a commission that was sold to voters on the promise of openness and transparency, it’s been one disappointment after another.


Whitmer’s administration wasted $3.9 billion on ineligible unemployment payments, hundreds of millions more in fraudulent disbursements, and over a quarter million on hush money payments to fired state directors. Now, Whitmer and legislators are poised to give away another billion. Worse, not only haven’t they declared pending business tax credits dead, but Republicans have introduced new ones as recently as this week!

Working moms and dads deserve a break – and a real plan for Michigan’s future that puts an end to business tax credits once and for all.


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For Freedom,
Tori Sachs
Executive Director
Michigan Freedom Fund


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