Don’t Be Fooled by Secretive Liberal Organization

By Terri Reid, Michigan Freedom Fund President

Pot, meet kettle.

In just their latest diatribe against free speech, liberal activist Rich Robinson and the shadowy Michigan Campaign Finance Network recently decried the lack of reporting and financing transparency in judicial elections—especially when those dollars back Republican candidates.

It’s the same old dog and pony show from the shadowy liberal organization.

In November they lambasted Republicans on the Supreme Court.  In October it was an attack on Governor Snyder just weeks after they assailed Republican Attorney General Bill Schuette.

Notice a theme?  You’d think Democrats never ran a SuperPAC.  (They do.  According to the Sunlight Foundation, Democrats actually dominated SuperPAC donations in 2014.)  But the Michigan Campaign Finance Network’s blind partisanship isn’t their worst offense—it’s their hypocrisy. 

While the secretive organization demands transparency from everyone else, the Michigan Campaign Finance Network has consistently refused to disclose its own donors, how much it takes in, or how much it spends.

All they will tell you is that they’re “supported” by “hundreds” of Michigan citizens and by the ultra-liberal Joyce Foundation out of Chicago, an organization that once counted President Obama as a prominent board member.

Just who are the “hundreds” of citizens who fund MCFN’s partisan bomb throwing?  What do those donors stand to benefit from partisan attacks against their political opponents?  And how much has Rich Robinson been paid to operate his political hit squad?  We don’t know. 

Of course, we could.  MCFN could take their own advice and try a little transparency.  But they won’t.  Because the left wing organization’s mission isn’t about transparency in political spending—it’s about playing partisan games, lambasting Republicans, and backing the play of Democrats and liberal special interests.  

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