For the Record: Energy (not Cronyism) Key to Michigan's Future Growth

In a recent letter to the Detroit News, former Michigan Senate Majority Leaders Randy Richardville and Ken Sikkema respond to our Detroit News Op-ed (McNeilly: Utilities Work to Stifle Energy Choice, Boost Rates). Richardville and Sikkema argue that our use of the term "cronyism" is "just a distraction" and "counterproductive." 

Their response is dismissive of the facts.


... For The Record ...


What is Crony Capitalism? - InvestopediaYou don't need to look hard to find that our calls of cronyism hold up to scrutiny. Throughout their years in the legislature, both of the former leaders received tens of thousands of dollars from DTE and Consumers Energy.

Michigan Campaign Finance Contributions

VIEW: Richardville DTE, Consumers Energy Contributions

VIEW: Sikkema DTE, Consumers Energy Contributions

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