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Michigan's current energy market is a corporate monopoly, and it's wreaking havoc on our economy and ratepayers’ wallets. Since the 2008 cap of 10% on choice, Michigan families paid more than $12.5 billion in above-market rates! 

Worst of all? Your rates don’t have to be that high, but Michigan’s failed monopoly-style electric regulation has shot prices through the roof while making the utilities a fortune. 

Please sign the petition now to support lower rates and bring competition back to Michigan’s energy market!

  • Michigan’s electric rates have increased 39.3% since the state abandoned electric choice in 2008. 

  • Nationally, rates increased only 10.3% at the same time. 

  • Michigan’s monopoly system costs consumers $3 billion more than the regional average. 

  • The cap on choice has cost the state 21,000 jobs per year, since 2008. 
* Statistics are based on studies through June 2016. 

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