Freedom Fund slams "hypocritical" Democrats over Rep. Banks support

Michigan Freedom Fund Executive Director Tony Daunt joined Lester Graham on Michigan Radio to discuss Greg McNeilly's latest Detroit News opinion pieceHe examines the (hypocritical) political and financial support by Michigan Democrats of Rep. Brian Banks despite his perpetual struggles with the law. 

Here's an excerpt from Michigan Radio:

The Michigan Freedom Fund's website describes the group as supporting political conservatives who beat up bad policy that favors big business, big banks, big Wall Street bailouts and big government.

This week the chairman of the group, Greg McNeilly, wrote an opinion piece in The Detroit News calling some Democrats hypocrites because they have been lecturing Republicans about the need to distance themselves from their presidential nominee, Donald Trump, while making campaign donations to Democratic state Representative Brian Banks. 

Rep. Banks was arraigned this week on charges related to using false pay stubs when trying to obtain a bank loan. He faces three felony charges and one misdemeanor.

According to a report by Kathleen Gray at the Detroit Free Press, Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette also charged Banks with being a habitual offender because of prior felonies. 


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