Frontlines of Freedom: Don’t Be Fooled by Secretive Liberal Organization

Here are this week's important updates focused on economic and personal freedom in Michigan. 

Tony Daunt
Operations Director




MFF_Logo.jpgPot, Meet Kettle: Don’t be fooled by "nonpartisan" Campaign Finance Network

Did you see liberal activist Rich Robinson and the shadowy Michigan Campaign Finance Network’s latest column in the Detroit Free Press decrying the lack of reporting and financing transparency in judicial elections—especially when those dollars back Republican candidates?

It’s the same old dog and pony show from the shadowy liberal organization.

In November they lambasted Republicans on the Supreme Court. In October, it was an attack on Governor Snyder just weeks after they assailed Republican Attorney General Bill Schuette.

Notice a theme? You’d think Democrats never ran a SuperPAC. (They do! According to the Sunlight Foundation, Democrats actually dominated SuperPAC donations in 2014.) But the Michigan Campaign Finance Network’s blind partisanship isn’t their worst offense—it’s their hypocrisy.

While the secretive organization demands transparency from everyone else, MCFN has consistently refused to disclose its own donors, how much it takes in, or how much it spends.

MCFN could take their own advice and try a little transparency. But they won’t. Because the left wing organization’s mission isn’t about transparency in political spending—it’s about playing partisan games and backing the play of Democrats and liberal special interests.


And in other news…

CapCon.jpgTeacher Union Executives Get Double-Digit Raises While Liabilities Skyrocket

While the teachers they represent have seen very small pay increases or even pay freezes over the past three years, high level executives at the Michigan Education Association union received large raises.

The average increase in the salaries paid to the top four union officials was 18.6 percent over three years. At the same time, the MEA's liabilities increased by nearly $100 million, or 50 percent in one year.

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MLive.pngDetroit Teachers Shut Down 3 Schools in ‘Sick-Out’ Protest against State Control

A group of teachers stayed home from work Tuesday in protest of longstanding state control over Detroit Public Schools, forcing the closure of three schools with their "sick-out" action.

The teachers said they stayed home due to "Snyder flu," gathering with students for a brief demonstration against ongoing emergency management outside the Detroit School of Arts on Tuesday afternoon.

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Detroit_News.jpgWorker Files Unfair Labor Charge against GM, UAW 

A General Motors Co. employee at the company’s Orion Assembly Plant in Orion Township has filed an unfair labor practice charge against the automaker, the United Auto Workers and UAW Local 5960, claiming he repeatedly was denied his right to withdraw from the UAW and stop paying dues.

Daniel Lowery of Holly is claiming unfair labor practices against the three entities, according to a copy of the charges filed last week by the National Right to Work Defense Foundation Inc. on behalf of Lowery. The foundation says Lowery’s charges — the first it is aware of in Michigan by a UAW automaker trying to withdraw from the union — will be investigated by the federal National Labor Relations Board.

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