Frontlines of Freedom: DTE and Consumers Giving Scrooge a Run for Your Money

Here are this week's important updates focused on economic and personal freedom in Michigan.

Tony Daunt
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DTE and Consumers Giving Scrooge a Run for Your Money

Happy Holidays from your friends at the state’s two big monopoly utilities.

cronies_looking_at_money.jpgOver the last 30 days, DTE and Consumers Energy have announced a combined $368.2 million in annual rate hikes that began hitting residential ratepayers’ mailboxes already this December.

Instead of shopping for that last special present for their kids, moms and dads across the state are suddenly left pinching pennies just to keep the lights on, while fat cats on Wall Street rake in the profits. 

At least while you’re figuring out how to pay your bigger electric bill you don’t have to worry about DTE and Consumers.  They’re still spending lavishly this holiday season.

They’ve already dropped more than $1.6 million this year on fancy TV ads, campaign contributions, and an army of lobbyists as they try to convince lawmakers—your representatives in Lansing—to pass a law (House Bill 4298) that would eliminate their competition.

If the Big Utilities hit us with more than $368 million in annual rate hikes when they’ve got 90 percent of the market, imagine what they’ll do when they have 100 percent.

That’s a scarier idea than any ghost Scrooge ever encountered.

And it’s why we need your help. Join us and fight back. Check out our petition and add your name to the list of ratepayers demanding that Lansing put families first, defend ratepayers, and protect electric choice.

And in other news…


CapCon.jpgMichigan’s Two Teachers Unions Down Tens of Thousands of Members

Michigan’s two largest public school unions have seen their numbers of dues-paying members decline sharply since 2012, according to documents filed with the U.S. Department of Labor.

The Michigan Education Association lost 20 percent of its active members, going from 117,626 members in 2012 to 94,559 in 2015. The American Federation of Teachers-Michigan lost 21 percent, dropping from 23,388 members in 2012 to 18,585 in 2015.

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Detroit_Free_Press.jpgInsider’s Emails Shed Light on Detroit Demolitions

…The state, however, has said that no state employee attended the meeting. And ADR Consultants, hired by the state to help Detroit pick demolition contractors, said in a statement to the Free Press on Nov. 21 that it refused to attend meetings because of concerns about "pre-bid contractors setting pricing."

"ADR had nothing to do with this and, in fact, refused to even be present for meetings between the (city) and prospective contractors and notified the State of Michigan of concerns with pre-bid contractors setting pricing," the statement from ADR reads. "While ADR specifically advised the (city) to not participate in pre-bid arrangements, those recommendations were summarily ignored."


MFF_Logo.jpgEnough is Enough: Fire Union Bullies Hurting Detroit Kids

The Michigan Freedom Fund today renewed its call on Detroit Public Schools and policymakers in Lansing to pursue every option to stand up to union bullies in the District, after teachers again walked out of their classrooms today to flex their union muscles, leaving Detroit students at 7 schools without their teachers and on the street.

Teacher strikes are illegal in Michigan.  Teachers participating in illegal strikes are subject to disciplinary action, including fines and termination.

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