Frontlines of Freedom: Energy Choice in Jeopardy!

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MFF_Logo.jpgWe’re shocked!  House Energy Policy Committee advances the best legislation money can buy

Two weeks ago, without giving ratepayers or customers so much as a chance to read the bill, Michigan’s House Energy Policy Committee voted to advance House Bill 4298, job-killing energy legislation favored by the state’s monopoly utility providers.

The analysis of the bill is back and it’s worse than we thought.  Not only would HB 4298 eventually kill electric choice, it even imposes a new tax on customers who opt to leave their monopoly utility provider while they still have the chance.

It’s a shocking attack on the free market and a potentially devastating move for Michigan job makers, schools, and ratepayers.  With $1.6 million spent by the utilities to make it happen, it’s also the best legislation money can buy

But it’s not too late to fight back.

Sign the petition today and tell Lansing it’s time to #FreeTheVolts!

And in other news…

CapCon.jpg‘Union Time on Taxpayers’ Dime’ Bills Fate Uncertain in GOP House

Just before recessing for a two-week Thanksgiving break, the Michigan Senate passed a pair of bills to prohibit two particular schemes that require taxpayers to pay for work done on behalf of teacher and government employee unions. The legislation, Senate bills 279 and 280, has been dubbed by some “the Steve Cook bills.”

Senate Bill 279 would outlaw pension spiking of the type that allowed Michigan Education Association President Steve Cook to use a $201,613 union salary to pad his taxpayer-funded pension.

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Labor_Pains.jpgNew Analysis: Dues Money Goes to Causes that Union Members Don’t Support

We found $140.8 million from union dues in contributions reported—99 percent of which went to Democrats, liberal special interests, and left-wing advocacy groups.

This is more evidence that demonstrates most clearly the need for the political protection provisions of the Employee Rights Act (ERA), as National Review reported yesterday.

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Oakland_Press.jpgClarkston Teacher Alleges Right to Work Violations against Union

A Clarkston teacher has filed unfair labor practice allegations after he said he was told he needed to pay union fees in order to keep his job.

Ron Conwell, a computer science teacher for Clarkston Community Schools, said in a charge filed this month with the Michigan Employment Relations Commission that when he resigned from union membership, he was told he would still be required to pay an agency fee to the teacher’s union.

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