Frontlines of Freedom: Major Victory for Michigan Taxpayers!

Here are this week's important updates focused on economic and personal freedom in Michigan.

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Major Victory for Michigan Taxpayers!

MFF_Logo.jpgAfter approval by the House and Senate just before Christmas, the Governor today signed Senate Bill 571 into law, preventing government from spending tax dollars to promote local ballot questions within 60 days of an election and dramatically increases campaign finance transparency by requiring the Secretary of State to publicly release details surrounding alleged campaign finance violations when complaints are dismissed.

Thanks to Governor Snyder and state lawmakers, taxpayers can rest a little easier today knowing government bureaucrats and lobbyists won’t be spending their tax dollars to bankroll political campaigns or push for local tax hikes.

That’s great news for families, and an important step towards better, more accountable local government across Michigan.

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And in other news…

Detroit_Free_Press.jpgFormer Staffer of Rep. Brian Banks Settles (Sexual Harassment) Lawsuit

A settlement in the sexual harassment lawsuit filed against state Rep. Brian Banks, D-Harper Woods, has been reached.

Former staffer Tramaine Cotton of Detroit sued Banks after he was fired in May of 2013, claiming that he was let go from his job as a legislative assistant and driver after refusing sexual advances from Banks. He sued for at least $50,000.

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CapCon.jpgAmericans are Moving to Right to Work States

New numbers from the Census Bureau on how many people move from state to state underscore another aspect of the right-to-work debate that does not often take center stage: Americans continue to move to right-to-work states.

The Mackinac Center has long viewed changes in the number of people in a state as perhaps the single best tool for measuring the quality of life there. After all, there are reasons people pack up and move, and those reasons reflect an individual’s self-interest. Economic opportunities are a clear reason to move, as are amenities such as access to coastal waters or more temperate climates.

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Detroit_News.jpgDetroit’s Cass Tech closed due to sickout

Cass Technical High School was closed Tuesday due to a large number of intentional teacher absences. Detroit Public Schools spokeswoman Michelle Zdrodowski said it best:

“We don’t disagree with people’s right to protest. However, what we do disagree with is when these protests take away instructional time from our students,” Zdrodowski said in a statement. “To deny students their opportunity to learn in the interest of making a political statement should go against every principle a teacher holds important, and sends a terrible message to the very students to whom they are supposed to serve as role models...Students should not be taught that it’s OK to shirk their responsibilities, which is the message the teachers who call in sick — without truly being sick — are sending to their students.”

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