Frontlines of Freedom: MI Dems Declare Open Season on Gun Owners

Here are this week's important updates focused on economic and personal freedom in Michigan.

Tony Daunt
Operations Director


MI Dems Declare Open Season on Gun Owners

It’s date night and you and your spouse are walking home after a relaxing evening when you suddenly hear the sound of breaking glass. You spin and see three masked men breaking into a car just down the street.

Before you can grab your phone and dial 911, one of the men notices you. He gestures to the others and they begin running toward you, shouting obscenities, while one begins to raise an arm with a pistol in his hand.

You’re legally carrying a licensed concealed handgun. Do you defend yourself and your spouse?

Better think carefully, because if Democrats in Lansing have their way, standing your ground could send you to prison for the rest of your life.

This November, while Michigan hunters were preparing to bag a buck, Democratic Senate Minority Leader Jim Ananich and state Sen. Rebekah Warren were hard at work in Lansing declaring open season on Michigan gun owners and victims of violent crime.

Along with numerous other Senate Democrats, they introduced Senate Bill 611, a bill to repeal Michigan’s nearly decade-old “castle doctrine” — formally known as the Self-Defense Act.

The Self-Defense Act says that if you “honestly and reasonably” believe you or another person are at risk of death, severe injury or rape, you have the right to fight back.

And Democrats want to repeal it.

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MFF_Logo.jpgGreimel: What’s Worse than Sexual Harassment and Bribery Allegations: Putting District over Party Boss

The Michigan Freedom Fund called on House Minority Leader Tim Greimel to take sexual harassment and bribery allegations seriously after reports he stripped two members of staff and caucus positions for casting votes he disagreed with, despite months spent refusing to punish a member accused of sexual harassment and another under federal investigation for her role in a pension board bribery scandal.

According to reports, Greimel wielded an iron fist in punishing Democrat Representatives Erika Geiss and Leslie Love for their votes on House Bill 4686, legislation he opposed but that was sponsored by a Democrat, supported by Democrats during the Committee process, and endorsed by numerous Democratic municipal officials, that would protect municipalities from some lawsuits.

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Detroit_Free_Press.jpgFeds: Union Chief Extorted Funds, Financed a Wedding

The former top official of the Operating Engineers Local 324 in Detroit was indicted by a federal grand jury on Wednesday on accusations of forcing employees to pay $5,000 per year into an election fund and spending the money for his daughter's wedding, expensive auto rims and to boost his own salary.

John Hamilton, 61, of Riviera Beach, Fla., was indicted on nine separate charges of extortion, embezzlement, money laundering and conspiracy.

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CapCon.jpgUse Taxpayer Money to Call for Higher Taxes? Not Within Two Months of the Vote

About a month before Muskegon County voters were to decide a $6.7 million property tax hike in February, the county road commission sent out a flier that stated, “Repairing our roads is costly, but if everybody pitches in to help with this 1.5 mill proposal, it’s not much at all.”

Such taxpayer-funded, almost-electioneering newsletters, bulletins, phone calls and broadcasts in the weeks before a local property tax or ballot measure will cease if Gov. Rick Snyder signs a bill passed on Dec. 16. Among other things, it contains a provision that makes it unlawful for schools and local governments to even mention an upcoming ballot measure within 60 days of the vote.

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