Gov. Whitmer, Here's Your Sign!

The Michigan Freedom Fund today launched a major new public awareness campaign, unveiling billboards on major Michigan highways reminding Governor Gretchen Whitmer of her campaign promise to “fix the damn roads.”
Instead of fixing the roads, Whitmer just weeks ago took her veto pen to huge new funding items in the state budget, slashing $375 million in funding earmarked to repair the state’s crumbling roads and bridges, including 4 bridges she personally toured, claiming their condition ‘keeps me up at night’ and are ‘a catastrophe in the making.’

The Michigan Freedom Fund’s billboards are located in particularly high-traffic areas, including I-496 at Pennsylvania in Lansing, and I-96 at Beck Road in Oakland County.

Governor Whitmer promised to “fix the damn roads,” not slash the damn funding and veto hundreds of millions for critical repairs.  The Governor is clearly more interested in raising Michigan’s gas tax by 45 cents-per-gallon than fixing our crumbling infrastructure.  Michigan residents – and even the state’s top legislative Democrats – disagree.
Instead of getting the message and getting to work on meaningful solutions, the Governor stopped traffic and slashed increased road funding. Motorists have had enough of her broken promises.

Tony Daunt
Tony Daunt
Executive Director
Michigan Freedom Fund
Michigan Radio: Budget talks break down as Senate leader says Gov. Whitmer can’t be trusted
"Republicans say it’s the governor who’s playing political games. They refused to adopt her call for new taxes to pay for road funding. What followed were millions of dollars in line-item vetoes and budget shifts using the State Administrative Board. It’s made up mostly of her appointed cabinet members and entirely made up of Democrats."
"Michigan should honor the law it passed. If Whitmer and Nessel believe the law requires revising, the appropriate response is to return to the Legislature and negotiate. But unilaterally rejecting enacted legislation because a new governor and attorney general oppose it sends a terrible message that this is a state governed by political whim rather than the rule of law."
"UAW President Gary Jones is taking a leave of absence as the federal corruption probe into the union's top leadership escalates. The paid leave is effective Sunday, a day before voting on a new contract begins among Ford's UAW employees."

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