Gretchen's Goon Squad

Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s administration was caught red handed this month attempting a brazen new shakedown scheme, threatening to close small businesses across the state unless they do the bidding of some of Whitmer’s biggest campaign donors.

If that sounds crazy, it’s because the Governor’s scheme is crazy.

Greg McNeilly unpacks the scandal in the Detroit News:
LARA will refuse to license a business or allow it to hire workers unless those workers join a union or pay off the local union to keep the “peace.” This is not some type of fiction, it’s a fact they tried to do this.
There’s no need to mince words. The proposed rules would establish a system that both permits and encourages unions to engage in a protection racket — withholding their “blessing” from local shop owners and shutting down their entire business — unless the local shop owner ponies up union dues. In one administrative move, Whitmer is seeking to make the practices of organized crime and state government one.
LARA calls the rules a “labor peace agreement.” Normal people call this scheme a “shakedown” and pure political corruption at its ugliest.
The state Senate sniffed out Whitmer’s shakedown and has begun holding hearings, but the administration is defiant in the face of lawmakers’ oversight.
And why not? Her campaign donors stand to make a fortune. Guess who that benefits.


Tony Daunt
Tony Daunt
Executive Director
Michigan Freedom Fund
Labor Pains: Sensible Labor Reform: The Gift that Keeps on Giving
"Additionally, the NLRB has reversed an Obama-era ruling that required companies to continue deducting union dues from employees’ paychecks, even after a union contract had expired. The latest decision reverses this rule to follow a precedent that was set back in 1962. Now, employers won’t be forced to remit employees’ union dues for representation under an expired contract."
"General Motors and Ford Motor Co. are in the news for reasons that have little in common but serve as a cautionary tale about using job projections from corporate and government economic development agencies to guide policy."
"Allowing Whitmer’s goon-squad to enact a "forced union agreement" for any industry or business would have a chilling and devastating effect on others, too. If LARA empowers organized labor to engage in a state-sanctioned protection racket targeting one group of small businesses, there is little — if anything — to stop them from targeting other businesses, industries, and sectors."

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