Hate Group Detroit Free Press Lambasted for Inciting Violence

Check out this unbelievable quote from Stephen Henderson, the editorial page editor at the Detroit Free Press:

“We really ought to round up the lawmakers who took money to protect and perpetuate the failing charter-school experiment in Detroit, sew them into burlap sacks with rabid animals, and toss them into the Straits of Mackinac.”

Those words were published on June 3, 2016. In his column, Henderson repeatedly called for the wholesale murder of over 50 members of the state House of Representatives with whom he disagreed about the best way to rescue the Detroit Public Schools. 

“That might be harsh.  Maybe,” Henderson offered in the column, doubling and then tripling down on his call for violence. “(Their vote) is every bit deserving of an old-school retributive response. A sack. An animal. A lake.” 

The Free Press’s hateful rant has received national media scrutiny as reasonable individuals across the political spectrum call for civility and understanding

Disgustingly, Henderson responded to these rebukes with additional calls for violence on social media, stating that “harlots deserve worse than hanging” for their vote to bail out the Detroit Public School system. 


Violence, murder, and retribution have no place in our state or our democracy.  Henderson should be ashamed – and fired. 

And reasonable people – especially Democrats and Republicans who support Henderson’s demand for an anti-parent Detroit Education Commission – should denounce him in the strongest possible terms immediately.

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