House Energy Policy Committee advances the best legislation money can buy

Two weeks ago, without giving ratepayers or customer so much as a chance to read the bill, Michigan’s House Energy Policy Committee voted to advance House Bill 4298, job-killing energy legislation favored by the state’s monopoly utility providers.

Support_Energy_Choice.pngThe analysis of the bill is back and it’s worse than we thought.  Not only would HB 4298 eventually kill electric choice, it even imposes a new tax on customers who opt to leave their monopoly utility provider while they still have the chance.

It’s a shocking attack on the free market and a potentially devastating move for Michigan job makers, schools, and ratepayers.  With $1.6 million spent by the utilities to make it happen, it’s also the best legislation money can buy.

But it’s not too late to fight back.

Sign the petition today and tell Lansing it’s time to #FreeTheVolts!

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