INDEPENDENT... It's in the name!

The Redistricting Commission reaffirmed that it works for you – the citizens of Michigan.

Yesterday, the state’s new Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission met to consider a group of candidates to fill the body’s General Counsel position.

One of those candidates, James Lancaster, is a Democrat with a long history of financial support and activism in support of Democratic party candidates and causes.

Our own Greg McNeilly made a compelling case against him earlier this week in the Detroit News. The most important voice commissioners heard, though, was yours.

Commissioners during their deliberation noted the many letters and notes they’d received from voters like you, demanding independence – not partisan games – in the redistricting process. And they listened.

The Commission rejected Lancaster’s candidacy, establishing an important precedent that prioritizes independence in hiring decisions.

Voters expect and demand a truly independent redistricting process. It’s what they voted for. Hell, “independent” is in the Commission’s name.

With this important precedent established, their real work will soon begin. Let’s hope they remember the importance of independence throughout their process.


Tony Daunt
Tony Daunt
Executive Director
Michigan Freedom Fund

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