Expanding Freedom in 2015

The start of a new legislative term brings new opportunities to expand freedom for workers, families and taxpayers across Michigan. The Michigan Freedom Fund strongly encourages legislators to enact these common sense reforms.

Repeal “Prevailing Wage”

Michigan’s antiquated prevailing wage law costs Michigan schools and local governments hundreds of millions of dollars every year in artificially inflated construction costs.

It’s time to respect taxpayer dollars and allow our schools and municipalities to reinvest hundreds of millions of dollars annually where they’re needed most—in the classroom and providing vital services to their citizens.

Union Recertification

Every two years, the men and women seeking to represent Michiganders in Lansing and Washington, D.C. must seek the support of voters. It is a system that keeps elected officials accountable to those they represent.

Unions in Michigan workplaces should face the same accountability when seeking to represent workers, and should be required to win recertification votes every two years.

No Tax Dollars for Union Business

Whether it’s the use of taxpayer resources like computers and email or union stewards in our public schools being provided paid class time for union business, tax dollars should not fund union business.

Bring Real World Experience into Michigan Classrooms

Michigan has incredible professionals with decades of experience who would be assets in the classroom, but they are barred from teaching by the current state certification system. It’s time to reform the system to encourage these men and women to share their talents in our schools.

Protect Teachers

Lansing should follow the lead of neighboring states and protect teachers by requiring the state Attorney General’s office to defend teachers who face lawsuits because of actions they perform in good faith.

No Tax Dollars Spent Lobbying State Government

Each year, Michigan spends hundreds of thousands of dollars lobbying itself. When including quasi-governmental organizations like the state’s major utilities, that number skyrockets. That money could be better invested fixing our roads, teaching our kids, or protecting our streets.

Empower Taxpayers to Roll Back Local Millages

Michigan residents have the right to raise local property taxes through millage votes, but they don’t have the right to roll millages back if services or funding levels are no longer deemed necessary. That should change. If voters can be trusted to raise taxes on themselves, they are certainly capable of reducing them.

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