Just a Drop in the Bucket: Gretchen Whitmer Underwhelms

Gretchen Whitmer proudly touted her fundraising numbers last week, proclaiming she had raised three million dollars for her campaign.

Sixteen years ago, with stricter campaign finance limits, the LAST Democrat to torpedo Michigan’s economy, Jennifer Granholm, had raised $2.8 million by this time in her campaign. Adjusted for inflation, that’s around $3.9 million. With contribution limits double the size they were sixteen years ago and the supposed “Resistance” at full froth, that’s not nearly as impressive as her press release would have you believe. 

But it gets worse: $3,400 of that came from former Rep. Brian Banks.

Brian Banks is a convicted felon who resigned from office in disgrace. He’s a known sexual predator, who somehow plans to run for the Michigan State Senate in the #MeToo era. Now he’s reportedly raised the suspicions of the FBI.

Despite repeated calls to return the money, Gretchen Whitmer has done what she does best: Absolutely nothing.

Brian Bank’s contribution is just 0.1133% of what she’s raised – barely more than a tenth of a percent. Yet Gretchen Whitmer seems deeply committed to keeping that money as a symbolic gesture of… what, we’re not sure. With all the baggage one would expect from associating her campaign with Brian Banks, this one seems like an easy decision. Is it any wonder Democrats keep trying to recruit someone to run against her?

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