McNeilly: Oppose GOP Corporate Welfare Plan

Lansing seems hell bent on sticking it to Michigan workers. If it’s not Governor Whitmer pushing a disastrous 45 cent-per-gallon gas tax hike on the folks who can afford it least, it’s a handful of well-connected politicians in the state Senate now backing a tax plan that would force workers to pay their employers tens-of-thousands of dollars per year just for punching the clock.

It’s a plan that harkens back to the Lost Decade, and we all know how well those corporate welfare schemes worked out.

The so-called Good Jobs for Michigan expansion – a bill that would lift the price cap and eliminate the sunset date for a scheme that’s cost taxpayers a whopping $42,000 per job over the last few years – might make corporate lobbyists happy, but it would leave taxpayers on the hook.
Michigan Freedom Fund Chairman Greg McNeilly writes this week in the Detroit News:
"Workers are expected to pay a proposed massive gas tax to fund roads and other special interests. Workers are expected by some politicians to fund tax-dollar photo ops for big business giveaways. When workers are left with no more cash and can’t spend, jobs are cut. Workers pay again — dearly.
"How can Michigan attract more workers to fill the nearly three-quarters of a million high paying jobs left unfilled? That’s a serious question to which most politicians seemingly have no serious answer."
If Lansing really wants to attract talent and grow jobs, they should consider broad-based, across the board tax relief – for Michigan workers.
Leave the corporate welfare where they found it – on the ash heap of Michigan’s economic history.
Tony Daunt
Tony Daunt
Executive Director
Michigan Freedom Fund
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