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After Whitmer’s School Shutdowns, Reading Vetoes and Learning Loss, State Lawmakers Vote to Let Kids Learn

Michigan Student Opportunity Accounts Put Power Back in the Hands of Parents

National Media Focus On Whitmer’s Failure To Warn Residents Of Lead Water In Benton Harbor While She Heads To The Other Side Of The State

57 State Legislators Sign Letter Opposing National Popular Vote

Forcing Michigan to Cast Presidential Elector Votes for Whoever Wins National Popular Vote Would Permanently Disenfranchise Every Michigan Voter

Court of Claims Ruling Against Secretary of State Benson a Win for Conservatives

Jocelyn Benson Compelled to Release Documents Related to Whitmer Campaign Finance Scandal

House Sends Common-Sense Elections Bills to Whitmer’s Desk

Governor Whitmer Should Immediately Sign Bills Enhancing Security of Elections

LEAD CRISIS: Report Says Whitmer Admin Knew For Years About Unsafe Lead Levels In Benton Harbor Water – But Didn’t Warn Residents

Whitmer Missing In Action From Press Conference On State’s Response

Illegal, Unprecedented Overreach: Whitmer Uses Unilateral Order to Attack Workers, Disenfranchise Voters

Whitmer's “Prevailing Wage” Move Hurts Construction Pros, Taxpayers, Voters – and the Lawmakers Who Protected Them

Freedom Fund Applauds Senate Approving Voter ID Legislation

State Senate Passes Common Sense Proposals That Will Make Obtaining Photo ID Free While Securing Ballot Integrity; State House Encouraged to Approve Quickly

Whitmer Vetoes Bills to Expand Voting, Prevent Internet Access to Poll Books During Elections
Political Vetoes will Make it Harder to Vote, Easier to Cheat

“National Popular Vote” Disaster Would Let Residents in Los Angeles, New York City Override the Votes of Michiganders

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