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Voters Deserve Answers from Ryan Friedrichs – Secretary of State Benson’s Husband – about Exploding Detroit Cover-up Scandal

Supreme Court Rejects Left-Wing Scheme to Disenfranchise Millions of Michigan Voters

Angela Meyers Named Senior Advisor for Michigan Freedom Fund

Freedom Fund Launches Significant New Digital Ad Campaign:
Whitmer’s Gas Tax Bad for Taxpayers, Bad for Michigan

Michigan State House Votes to Bring Transparency and Accountability to State Government

Whitmer Trashes Another Campaign Promise

Freedom Fund to Benson: What Are You Hiding?

Inexcusable Delays the New Normal as Democratic Secretary of State Talks About Transparency, But Refuses to Deliver

Whitmer: ‘Big Spending is Back’

Corruption: Jocelyn Benson Gives Whitmer, Allies a Pass on Massive Illegal Spending, Refuses to Enforce Campaign Finance Act

Benson to Voters: Michigan Campaign Finance Laws Just Don’t Matter

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