MFF in the Press

Michigan Freedom Network Endorsed Candidates Win State House, Senate Primaries across Michigan

Freedom Fund: Rule of Bullying, Not Rule of Law

Michigan Supreme Court Bows to Threats, Intimidation – Abandons State Constitution in Wake of Threats

Michigan Democrat Chair Brandon Dillon Sinks to New Low - Threatens Michigan Supreme Court Members

Freedom Fund Demands Dillon Apologize, Retract Threats against Members of Michigan Supreme Court

Michigan Freedom Fund Calls for Investigation into Gretchen Whitmer’s Campaign for Governor

Freedom Fund accuses Whitmer of illegally coordinating with political non-profit organization

Workers Win!

Supreme Court’s “Janus” Ruling Grants Workplace Freedom to Teachers, Government Workers

Michigan Freedom Network Endorses 37 Candidates for State House  

Top-Tier Candidates Statewide Win Major Endorsement

Michigan Freedom Network Endorses 18 Candidates for State Senate  

Top-Tier Candidates Statewide Win Major Endorsement

Congratulations to Michigan Voters:
Citizen Led Effort Puts an End to Prevailing Wage Red Tape

State Legislature Responds to Effort of Nearly 400,000 Michigan Voters, Repeals Prevailing Wage

Prevailing Wage Petitions Certified: Legislature Gets Huge Opportunity to Boost Economy, Defend Taxpayers

Court Stops Democrats from Disenfranchising Nearly 400,000 Michigan Voters

Michigan Supreme Court: Prevailing Wage Petitions to Be Certified

Decision Rebukes Dems, Union Bosses, Stops Special Interests from Disenfranchising Nearly 400,000 Michigan Voters

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