MFF in the Press

As National Reports Highlight Michigan’s Last-Place Recovery Status, Whitmer Wastes Time Attacking the Freedom Fund

While Whitmer, Cabinet Members in Charge of Vaccines Secretly Vacationed Out-of-State, Vaccine Efforts Failed to Reach Seniors, Minority Communities

Facing Investigation Into Illegal Use of Nonprofit, Whitmer Attempts To Change Cover-up Strategy

After Whitmer Apology, Freedom Fund Demands Governor End Orders, Rescind Violations, Refund Fines

Whitmer Asked for Grace and Understanding – Time She Offered Michigan Workers, Local Businesses the Same

Freedom Fund Calls on Whitmer To End All Restrictions

Whitmer Expected Today to Extend COVID-19 Pandemic Orders While Governor Continues to Demand Permanent Workplace Restrictions

Whitmer Touts Recovery As 300,000 Fewer People Are Working Than Before Her Shutdowns

State Residents Receiving Unemployment Benefits 25% Higher than February 2020

Tori Sachs Named Executive Director of Michigan Freedom Fund

Freedom Fund Urges Michigan Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission to Reject Adelson Hiring

MFF Asks Commission to Select a Truly Independent Staff Attorney

Terrible Idea Alert: Jocelyn Benson Supports DC Democrats’ Efforts to Politicize Election Commission

Secretary of State Testifies in Support of S.1, Tells Senators She Backs Changing Independent Federal Election Commission into Partisan Political Body

Coalition Urges Fiscally Sound Approach to Use of Federal Funds

The Michigan Freedom Fund was proud to join the Mackinac Center for Public Policy and seven other organizations in signing a letter to the Michigan legislature recommending caution concerning the allocation of incoming funds from the American Rescue Plan Act.

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