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Illegal “$100,000 Club” Contributions to Whitmer Prompt New Campaign Finance Complaint

Michigan Freedom Fund Asks Secretary of State Benson to Follow State Law, Hold Whitmer’s Fat-Cat Donors Accountable

To Protect Integrity of Process, Redistricting Commissioners who Lied Must Resign

State, National Media Expose “Independent” Commissioners’ Extensive Ties to Democratic Party, Dishonest Independence Claims

No More Mandates From Whitmer Admin That Refuses to Follow Their Own Rules

Health Director Who Defied Own Guidance For Spring Break Trip Paves Way For Mask Mandate After Whitmer Said It Wouldn’t Happen

Whitmer Heading To Colorado For Fundraising Party While Bashing Out-of-State Donations

Whitmer’s ‘rules for thee, but not for me’ playbook is so well known that Michiganders won’t be surprised by another episode exposing the governor’s dishonesty and hypocrisy

Chief Medical Exec Admits Governor Whitmer Not Following Science

Claims “Many Other Things” Influence Whitmer Policy, but Refuses to Elaborate

Hertel, Whitmer Administration Say New Statewide COVID Restrictions May Be Inbound

Michigan Freedom Fund Responds: NO NEW RESTRICTIONS!

Freedom Fund Team Grows as Fight for Michiganders’ Jobs, Constitutional Rights Intensifies

Fund Welcomes New Advocacy Director, Communications Specialist, Director of Operations

Freedom Fund Files Emergency Complaint Against Whitmer For Illegal Scheme To Evade Campaign Contribution Limits

Freedom Fund: Whitmer’s Latest Veto another Blow to Michigan Small Businesses

Whitmer Veto Guarantees State will Continue Paying Extra for Workers to Stay Off the Job – Follows $86,000 Hush Money Payment for Fired UIA Director

Former U.S. Secretary of Education: “Governor Whitmer is so controlled by big union bosses she can’t see around the corner to do what’s right for kids”

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