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Whitmer Admin Blames COVID On Michiganders' Non-Compliance

Data Disputes Whitmer Administration’s Claim, Shows Michigan Death Rate Worse than Florida, Worse Than The Rest Of Great Lakes States

Whitmer, Unions Work Together To Close Schools For 95,000 Students And Deny Families Necessary Educational Resources

Incompetence By Whitmer Admin Led to $12 Billion in Fraudulent, Wasteful and Hush Money Unemployment Payments

Follow the Political Science: Whitmer Flip-Flops on Vaccine Mandate

Freedom Fund Calls on Whitmer to Donate Tainted Funds to Charity, Not Democrat Political Efforts

Bombshell: Jocelyn Benson lets Whitmer Launder Millions in Excess Campaign Contributions

Michigan Freedom Fund Calls for Immediate Release of Secret Redistricting Memos after Supreme Court Ruling

Michigan Freedom Fund Statement on Redistricting Commission Lawsuit before Michigan Supreme Court: ‘First Transparency – Then Accountability’

Media Outlets across Michigan Sue to Protect the Constitution, the Public’s Right to Know

Freedom Fund Calls on Legislature to End Business Tax Credits Once and For All

FLIP-FLOP: After Months of Economy-Destroying Mandates, Whitmer Suddenly Opposes Mandates

With Poll Numbers in the Tank, Whitmer Abandons Biden and His Vaccine Mandate

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