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Benson’s Family Ties, Embrace of Duggan, Cast Cover-Up Cloud over Redistricting Commission Announcement

Secretary of State Brazenly Features Detroit Mayor at Announcement, Days After Duggan and Friedrichs City Hall Cover-Up Scandal Explodes

After Detroit Inspector General Bombshell:
Fire City Officials Caught Destroying Public Records

Report Finds High-Ranking City Officials Behind Scheme to Hide Duggan Scandal from Local Press

Freedom Fund Commends Michigan Republicans for Joining Fight to Defend Constitutional Rights 

Michigan Freedom Fund Identifies $500 Million in New Revenue to Fix the Damn Roads

Freedom Fund Applauds Lawsuit Seeking to Stop Commission from Disenfranchising Michiganians 

Redistricting Commission Restrictions Violate Residents’ 1st Amendment, 14th Amendment Constitutional Rights 


Voters Deserve Answers from Ryan Friedrichs – Secretary of State Benson’s Husband – about Exploding Detroit Cover-up Scandal

Supreme Court Rejects Left-Wing Scheme to Disenfranchise Millions of Michigan Voters

Angela Meyers Named Senior Advisor for Michigan Freedom Fund

Freedom Fund Launches Significant New Digital Ad Campaign:
Whitmer’s Gas Tax Bad for Taxpayers, Bad for Michigan

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