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Congratulations to Michigan Voters:
Citizen Led Effort Puts an End to Prevailing Wage Red Tape

State Legislature Responds to Effort of Nearly 400,000 Michigan Voters, Repeals Prevailing Wage

Prevailing Wage Petitions Certified: Legislature Gets Huge Opportunity to Boost Economy, Defend Taxpayers

Court Stops Democrats from Disenfranchising Nearly 400,000 Michigan Voters

Michigan Supreme Court: Prevailing Wage Petitions to Be Certified

Decision Rebukes Dems, Union Bosses, Stops Special Interests from Disenfranchising Nearly 400,000 Michigan Voters

Freedom Fund to Democrat Members of Board of State Canvassers: Resign

Activist Members of Board Abandon Law, Vote to Disenfranchise Nearly 400,000 Michigan Voters

Medicaid Work Requirement Bill Protects Michigan Taxpayers

Freedom Fund Applauds Senate Committee for Action on Shirkey Bill

Freedom Fund: Senate Should Approve Reforms to Protect Education Funding, Teacher Pension System

Lansing Considers Bills to Prohibit Union Business on Taxpayer Time, End Union Pension Spiking Scheme

“Voters Not Politicians” Exposed: Ballot Committee Leadership Stacked (Exclusively) with Partisan Democrats

Hyper-Partisan Organization Led by Hillary Clinton Activist


Freedom Fund Demands Gretchen Whitmer Apologize, Return $3,400 Check from Accused Sexual Harasser 

Whitmer Campaign Profits from Victimizer as Sexual Harassment Scandals Engulf Her Party


SPEAK UP! Why Won’t Brandon Dillon and Gretchen Whitmer Defend Women from Sexual Violence, Harassment?

Sexual Harassment Scandals Engulf Michigan Democratic Party, as Whitmer, Dillon Refuse to Support Victims

Taxpayers Demand More Responsible Government Spending

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