Nessel’s Nasty Nature

Attorney General Dana Nessel is on the hunt for bigotry in Michigan, but should start by looking into the nearest mirror.
Rarely anywhere in Michigan politics does a politician display such naked hate and bigotry towards a group of individuals as Nessel has displayed in recent weeks towards Michigan’s Catholic community.

As Christians across Michigan observe Holy Week, Dana Nessel is traveling the state looking for microphones and stages from which she can criticize them, demean them, and ridicule them.
She’s made jokes about the rosary. She’s called Catholic charities “hate mongers.”  She’s publicly suggested that a Catholic judge is “unfit” to work with a state university, solely on the basis of his private faith.
Now, she’s gone a step beyond her typical playground insults, handing down a legal settlement that prohibits Catholics (among other faith groups) from performing acts of charity.  Nessel has declared that Catholics – and others who hold orthodox and mainstream religious views – are prohibited by law from connecting orphans and victims of abuse or neglect with loving foster and adoptive homes.
Nessel’s bigotry has reached such shocking extremes, it has some in the legislature openly discussing articles of impeachment to end her brazen religious discrimination.
The United States has a tragic history of anti-Catholic bigotry.  Sadly, Dana Nessel is doing all she can to stoke the old flames of hatred in 2019.  
Tony Daunt 
Tony Daunt
Executive Director
Michigan Freedom Fund

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