New Legislation May Eliminate Small Auto Repair Shops

It’s happening again.

Michigan lawmakers are looking to suppress consumer choice. This time they see an opportunity when consumers are most vulnerable – after an auto accident in the repair shop.

You read that right.

auto_mechanic.pngThis legislation (House Bill 4344) would require auto mechanics use parts from the original manufacturer, versus cheaper, alternative aftermarket parts. The bill has already passed the state House and is sitting on the floor of the Senate. Momentum is certainly on the side of big car companies and dealerships, not consumers.

This bill would essentially create a monopoly on auto parts that are most often damaged in accidents, which increases costs, reduces consumer choice, and harms Michigan small businesses.

Yet another example of the government picking winners and losers in the private sector.

It gets better…

In order for aftermarket parts to be used, they would need to go through a costly certification process. But, there’s (always) a catch!

Automakers would not be required to go through a similar certification processes. Automakers are essentially lobbying for a restriction on their competitors, and lawmakers are buying it hook, line, and sinker.

Michigan drivers have already been hit with a recent gas tax increase. The last thing they need piled on top are higher repair costs. 

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