“New” Revenue

Governor Whitmer remains insistent that she cannot “fix the damn roads” without raising taxes on Michigan citizens, or as she likes to call it, “new revenue.”

Unfortunately, it seems some in the legislature are starting to agree. While they balked at her proposed 45-cent gas tax hike, they’re entertaining the notion of a smaller, 20-cent gas tax hike.

But Michigan citizens are taxed enough, and it is high time our government stop treating taxpayers like a blank check and start to live within its means. As we pointed out on Friday, there are other ways to find money to fix the roads, including eliminating corporate welfare.

Let’s end the failed “Good Jobs for Michigan” program and abandon the notion of using taxpayer money for corporate handouts in the future. Instead, let’s put that money to far better use – like improving Michigan’s roads. Not only will it create a direct benefit for the taxpayers who drive on them, it will go a long way towards making Michigan a more attractive place to do business.

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