Rule of Bullying, Not Rule of Law

Last night, the Michigan Supreme Court shamefully bowed in the face of extremist bullying and intimidation from Michigan Democrats. Four Justices ruled against voters and the state Constitution, choosing instead to back the Michigan Democrat Party and its front group, Voters Not Politicians, which seeks to politicize the state’s redistricting process.

We have witnessed the rule of bullying, not the rule of law.  In the face of threats, bullying and intimidation, four Justices of the state Supreme Court bowed to political pressure instead of protecting Michigan’s Constitution.  They have abdicated their responsibility to the rule of law.

Voters Not Politicians, the organization behind the push to put Michigan redistricting in the hands of partisan bureaucrats, potentially running afoul of the Voting Rights Act, is led exclusively by partisan Democratic donors, activists, and a Democratic trial attorney, according to public records, the Federal Election Commission and the Michigan Campaign Finance database.

According to campaign finance records, 7 of the 10 members of the ballot committee’s leadership have donated to Democratic candidates and causes, including Mark Schauer, Virg Bernero, Jennifer Granholm, Hillary Clinton, ACT BLUE, and many more.  A list of the donations can be found here.

The Committee’s President, Katie Fahey, is a former Hillary Clinton activist who made national news when she traveled to New York to participate in Clinton’s later-scuttled victory party.

Michigan Democratic Party Chairman Brandon Dillon this week was caught on air threatening members of the Court, demanding they play partisan games instead of defend the Constitution.

Sadly, this is just the latest affront to the Rule of Law by the liberal majority.  Whether it’s gun rights, protecting individuals from greedy trial attorneys, or defending the state Constitution from left wing attacks, it’s clear this Court has lost its way.  Now it’s up to Michigan voters this November to do what Justices Viviano, Clement, Bernstein and McCormack refused to do – defend voters’ rights.


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