Senator Horn Decides to Support Elimination of Electric Choice Market

Electric choice is in jeopardy. 

This week, the Senate Energy and Technology Committee is meeting to discuss the most recent versions of Senate Bills 437 and 438. 

Senator Ken Horn has recently jumped into the mix when he sent this email (page 1, page 2) to his colleagues in the state Senate. 

It it, he responds to Representative Gary Glenn's email (seen above) from May 12th, and explains why he is supporting Senator Nofs' and Senator Proos' legislation (SBs 437, 438), which would effectively end what small amount of energy competition we currently have for families, businesses, churches and schools.

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Senators Nofs and Horn have been using the utilities' talking points, which suggest the legislation won't take away electric choice.

But at the same time, UBS, an international securities and investment firm, markets their stock to prospective investors on the promise that the legislation will "effectively end retail open access (electric choice) 'organically' over time..." (p. 10). 

'Nuff ('Nofs) said. 

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