The Legislature is Feeling Salty Again

Last year, the Democrats in our state legislature introduced their “Michigan Jobs First” package. Great name. Terrible bills. It would have given Michigan companies an 8% edge over their out-of-state competition when bidding on government contracts. And how do we pay for government contracts? That’s right – your tax dollars.  It’s corporate cronyism at it’s worst, intentionally raising the cost to taxpayers and then using our tax dollars to line the pockets of business owners who think they should be protected from competition. 

The misguided effort was inspired by a different bill, Senate Bill 363, that passed the Senate in 2017, but stalled in the House. That bill would have given a similar 8% “boost” to just one company – the Detroit Salt Company – against competing road salt imports. (And did we mention that Detroit Salt is owned by an Ontario-based company?)

Unfortunately, that idea is back like a bad penny, with Republicans in the House led by Speaker Pro Tempore Lee Chatfield forcing a committee vote on this terrible bill.  We expect this kind of silliness from liberals but not from the self-proclaimed “most conservative caucus in history.”  As we enter budget – and pothole! - season you’d think the legislature would be looking for ways to maximize our road funding dollars, not INCREASING the costs associated with them.

Please contact your State Representative and ask them to vote NO on this taxpayer funded corporate handout!