This Labor Day, Road Construction Union Remains on Strike

Labor Day; a time to celebrate Michigan workers, to enjoy one last taste of summer, to take that last family outing before the kids head back to school, to navigate orange barrels and never-ending lane closures.
This holiday weekend may be more frustrating than ever for motorists as work sites on local roads and highways remain behind schedule amidst a month-long strike by the Operating Engineers union. Worse, there appears to be no end in sight.

Local road commissions and officials are warning motorists that the strike will delay the construction of road projects by weeks – or longer.  Some may not be concluded before the end of the year.
Road StrikeMeanwhile, road workers are being kept off the job site and essentially out of the current labor force by their local union officials.
The good news?  Michigan has workplace freedom, and workers have the option to leave their union.  According to multiple press reports, that’s exactly what many workers caught up in their union’s strike have begun doing.
The not so good news?  The strike has no end in sight, and politicians who could influence the labor union – we’re looking at you, Governor Gretchen Whitmer – don’t appear willing to lift a finger to change that.
The audacity of it all is that Whitmer is back on the campaign trail this week demanding a .45 cent per gallon gas tax hike to fund future road construction, when a few phone calls and a creatively used bully pulpit could get workers back on the job site using existing road dollars right now.
This Labor Day, for Whitmer, that’s apparently a job she’s not willing to do.


Tony Daunt
Tony Daunt
Executive Director
Michigan Freedom Fund
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