Trump cancelling 'job killing restrictions' on American energy on day 1

President-Elect Donald Trump released a video (found below) as part of his 2017 Presidential Transition where he said he will "cancel job-killing restrictions on the production of American energy" in a series of executive orders he will issue upon taking office. 

This announcement is significant because of its potential impact on Senate Bills 437 and 438, the energy reform package currently before the state House. 

A major selling point of the big utility-backed energy package is that President Obama's heavy-handed environmental regulations were likely to continue under a Clinton Administration, which would require old coal-fired plants to close and be replaced by newer, cleaner-burning plants.

Big utilities consequently advocated for electric choice customers to pay for the new facilities through additional fees. Electric choice suppliers, however, argue that the new fees would deliberately strangle them out of business. 

Senate Bills 437 and 438 are crony capitalism at its worst. Despite continued claims by the monopoly utilities and their allies, these bills do NOT protect the 10% electric choice marketplace. They are designed to kill it.

Senate Bills 437 and 438:

  • Kill electric choice. There are no fewer than four new, complicated processes in the latest version of the bills designed specifically to end electric competition.
  • Will raise rates on Michiganders – by billions.
  • Will immediately cost Michigan schools $23.5 million a year in lost energy savings.
  • Jumps the gun on President-elect Donald Trump’s pro-coal energy policy, imposing an Obama-era, big government solution to a problem that does not even exist.
  • Impose massive new renewable energy mandates that far exceed even the mandates championed by former Governor Jennifer Granholm – and long opposed by legislative Republicans.

Before the state House passes an energy overhaul that includes closing power plants and expanding renewable energy mandates by 50 percent, lawmakers should wait to see the direction the new executive pursues.  

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