Weaponizing Corporate Welfare?

As if we needed more reasons to oppose corporate welfare, the state of Michigan decided to give us two more ridiculous stories involving these wasteful handouts this week.

Some in the legislature are still desperately trying to breathe new life into the “Good Jobs for Michigan” program before it phases out at the end of this year. The insurance company Acrisure – currently based out of Caledonia Township – was awarded $7 million in tax subsidies from “Good Jobs” to move their headquarters 17 MILES to Grand Rapids.

Declaring that you’re creating “new” jobs when in reality you’re simply moving them requires a lot of imagination – and apparently, a lot of kickbacks from the state government. This is not what “job creation” looks like, and it’s another good reason lawmakers should let the sun set on the “Good Jobs” program this year.

The other involves some new political shenanigans around Michigan’s budget. MIRS News reports that after the Michigan Legislature moved to cut $26 million in fat from the budget, the Michigan Strategic Fund and MEDC decided they wouldn’t provide incentives to projects in the districts of several “key Republican lawmakers.” When asked if they were trying to send a message to the Legislature, the MEDC CEO claimed ignorance, and that the affected districts were merely coincidental.

The specter of corporate welfare being used to reward or punish people for their votes sets a dangerous precedent – and is just another reason

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