Whitmer's Corporate Cronies Come First

Governor Gretchen Whitmer wants to raise your gas tax by 45 cents per gallon. Depending on what you drive, that could be nearly $10 per fill-up, and depending how much you drive, it could be $20 a week – or more.
It’s a galling attack on the Michigan residents who can afford it least – low income and working families living paycheck to paycheck.  The Whitmer tax is all the more appalling given the fact that only a few months ago the Governor told every voter in the state that she wouldn’t raise their gas taxes.  She called the idea “ridiculous… nonsense.”

Voters believed her, elected her, and if she gets her way, they’ll have the privilege of paying for her deceitful rhetoric.   Know who won’t be paying?  The big businesses Whitmer helped by handing hundreds of millions of your tax dollars to in corporate welfare.
Greg McNeilly writes in the Detroit News:
Whitmer rarely met a corporate tax giveaway she didn’t love.  In fact, a look at her voting record on MichiganVotes.org shows she voted to give your tax dollars to big businesses dozens of times.
She voted repeatedly to support the Hollywood film tax credit, a scheme that gave away $500 million tax dollars — cash skimmed from Michigan workers — to celebrity big shots.  She even voted in 2014 to extend the program indefinitely (the Republican majority in the state Senate stopped her).  This was at a time road funding was being slashed.
Whitmer voted to give Michigan workers’ tax dollars and additional tax breaks to corporations near Detroit’s airports. Whitmer voted to give $50 million — your dollars — to a company that made electric car batteries. Whitmer voted to give millions in tax subsidies to solar panel manufacturers.
The list goes on and on, and the Governor’s not backing away from it.
With Gretchen Whitmer, big businesses that offer photo ops will always be the winners.  Her gas tax plan proves she thinks Michigan workers are the real losers.


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