Whitmer’s COVID Cover-Up

COVID deaths at nursing homes and long-term care were 42 percent higher than Governor Whitmer has cared to admit.

The Redistricting Commission is breaking the law again.

And there was a huge victory for Freedom at the United States Supreme Court.

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Gretchen Whitmer’s decision to import COVID-19 into nursing homes and long-term care facilities was unscientific, and it was deadly. A new report reveals that the Whitmer administration underreported COVID deaths at these facilities by 42 percent.

WATCH VIDEO: ‘That’s Scumbagville’: LeDuff slams Gov. Whitmer for concealing number of nursing home deaths

The Whitmer administration has repeatedly hidden data, redacted critical public records, and refused to release key information about the governor’s decision-making process. Families who lost loved ones in these facilities needed a governor fighting to protect them, not put them at greater risk. There must be a thorough investigation into Whitmer’s failure to protect Michigan’s most vulnerable citizens.


They’re at it again. This week, the Redistricting Commission held another illegal closed-door meeting, in violation of the Open Meetings Act. Worse, they blockaded the door, barred reporters from entering and called security on them.

The Michigan Supreme Court ruled they violated the Open Meetings Act last October when they went into a closed-door session and hid memos from the people. Holding another secret meeting just weeks after that ruling can’t be blamed on incompetence or ignorance - it’s a deliberate effort to violate Michigan law and hide their work from the public they’re supposed to serve.


Finally, there was a critical victory for Freedom and workers at the United States Supreme Court, as the justices ruled 6-3 against President Biden’s vaccine mandate, which was supported by Governor Gretchen Whitmer and Attorney General Dana Nessel.

The last thing Michigan families needed was a mandate that would have forced workers out of their jobs. Under Governor Whitmer, consumer prices have risen by 7.5% and personal incomes dropped by 9.5%. This was a huge win for Freedom, and for the people of Michigan.


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For Freedom,

Tori Sachs
Executive Director
Michigan Freedom Fund


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