Whitmer’s Protection Racket – Pay Up or Else

The state legislature this week continued their work on the state budget, holding hearings, passing bills, and meeting the needs of schools, universities, and even Michigan’s roads.
What didn’t they approve? Republicans did not include Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s proposed 45 cent-per-gallon gas tax hike in their budget. (Democrats didn’t ask them to, either. Not a single legislative Democrat has, to-date, been willing to introduce the tax-hike bill the Governor’s demanded.)

The Governor’s response was to ratchet up her threats and to warn Michigan workers, employers, and families that she plans to veto the new budget for road repairs because it doesn’t come with her tax hike.  If lawmakers don’t give her the tax hike, she warns she’ll shut down state government.
It’s a protection racket, right out of the movies, with working moms and dads under the proverbial gun.
Our own Greg McNeilly wrote in the Detroit News that Michigan has been down the shutdown road before, and it’s ugly:
“Businesses that rely on regular interaction with state government are hamstrung. The state that put the world on wheels has a tough time putting Michigan residents in new and used cars, when dealerships are unable to process registrations, tabs, and new license plates with the Secretary of State.
“Job creators working to open a new business have to push the pause button if they’re unable to apply for a business or professional license — or see their applications delayed by a work stoppage.
“Confidence in state government plummets during a shutdown, too, and not just among local residents. The state’s standing with credit agencies is also put at risk, impacting the way it is able to borrow, potentially raising the prices residents ultimately pay for many government spending projects (including road repairs). The costs to hardworking taxpayers grow.”
Whitmer’s shutdown would be bad for everyone.
Then again, so is her massive tax-hike proposal.  Either way, Michigan workers – watch your wallets. 


Tony Daunt 
Tony Daunt
Executive Director
Michigan Freedom Fund

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